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The simpler the better

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  • A different kind of law firm
  • One that is guided by the simplicity of its actions and of the
    solutions it provides,
  • Guided by the perfect timing
  • Complete and efficient deliveries, offering a strong tax approach on each legal advice
  • Technology is an essential pillar at our firm
  • With an eye towards a new emerging world counting on professionals that are
    sincerely curious and interested in global trends
  • An office that believes that the happiness of its professionals, employees, partners and
    client should be a driving force behind its actions and decisions
- SouzaOkawa Advogados

What is the future of legal practice?

March 29th, 2023 – Brazil Journal

In the future the practice of law will necessarily encompass the relationship between technology and human expertise.
Here at SouzaOkawa we wish to provide legal services following a different approach and bringing the future to our routine. Check out the
article published by our managing partner, or the original version in Portuguese, published at Brazil Journal.

We want to build trust worth relationships, acting as a point of reference for our clients.
We want to be the future of legal practice.

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Our firm has 8 founding partners
experts in different areas of the law.

Igor Souza, sócio do Souza Okawa Advogados

Igor Nascimento de Souza

Taxation and Wealth Management

Juliano Okawa, sócio fundador do Souza Okawa Advogados

Juliano Okawa

Taxation and Wealth Management

Rosane Menezes Lohbauer, sócia fundadora do Souza Okawa Advogados

Rosane Menezes Lohbauer

Infrastructure, Regulatory Government Affairs

Luiz Gustavo Mesquita, sócio fundador do Souza Okawa Advogados

Luiz Gustavo Mesquita

Corporate, M&A and Wealth Management

Felipe Medaglia, sócio fundador do Souza Okawa Advogados

Felipe Medaglia

Taxation and Wealth Management

Francisco Leocádio, sócio fundador do Souza Okawa Advogados

Francisco Leocádio

Taxation and Wealth Management

Mariana Arbach, sócia fundadora do Souza Okawa Advogados

Mariana Alves Galvão Arbach


Fernando Gallacci, sócio fundador do Souza Okawa Advogados

Fernando Gallacci

Infrastructure, Regulatory Government Affairs

Practice Areas

With a strong approach within taxation, we are a legal firm with a
transformative profile performanceacting in several areas of
corporate law.

Tax consulting services and litigation

Regulatory and Government Affairs

Wealth management




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Souza Okawa Advogados

No SouzaOkawa,
o essencial é simples.

Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1663
14th floor – Jardim Paulistano
São Paulo – SP/ Brazil, Zip Code: 01452-001

+55 (11) 3532-7710


At SouzaOkawa,
the simpler the better

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